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The World Pulse Beats Beyond My Door

Ada Wickens, Andrew Ross, Andrew Straub, Arden Asher-Taste, Benjamin Booker, Bobby Smith, Bradley Milligan, 
Brittany Adeline King, Cal Fish, Clara Roumégoux, Clément Grimm, Chloe Seibert, Chloe Wilcox, Craig-jun-li, Daphne Knouse, David Bordett & Tommy Coleman, David Colosi, Dominic Palarchio, Dyvika Peel, Gunner Dongieux, Jacob Brooks, Jimmy Raskin, Jo Shane, Joshua Abelow, 
Karla Zurita, Katia Leonelli, Libbi Ponce, Lili Marto,
Lou-Anna Ulloa del Rio, Lucas Bourgine, Maite Iribarren Vázquez, Nan Goldin, Nicholas Ponce, Pastiche Lamumba, Paul Fritz, Paulo Wirz, Rachel Yanku, RJ Junger,
Rosalie Smith, Tess Manhattan, Tommy Coleman, Trinity Bavaria, Whit Harris, Virginie Sistek

Jan 19-31, 2024
New York

A la porte de la maison qui viendra frapper?
Une porte ouverte on entre
Une porte fermée un antre 
Le monde bat de l'autre côté de ma porte. 

Les Amusements Naturels, p. 217 

(At the door of the house who will come knocking? 
An open door, we enter
A closed door, a den
The world pulse beats beyond my door.)

Over the past year I’ve operated Pop Gun out of the 75 East Broadway Chinese Mall. Throughout the program I’ve developed an intimate relationship with the space, having hand painted each groove of the slat-walls, having slept on cold the tile floor, and having placed works across every inch of the 75 square-foot space. 

In comparison, this 5,000 square-foot event space presents itself as a daunting infinite domain. Fortunately, Lili Marto is on board as a collaborative guide. Marto, known for her artistic duo performances and curatorial projects, has spent most of this past month physically in the exhibition space, repainting the walls, hosting performances, and co-curating group shows.

In an effort to find curatorial structure in this aspirational expanse, we called forth The Poetics of Space, using Bachelard’s psychological analysis of architecture as a conceptual scaffold. Bachelard imagines the house as “one of the greatest powers of integration for the thoughts, memories and dreams of mankind;” A microcosm of our ambitions manifested in “our corner of the world.” 

In The World Pulse Beats Beyond My Door, 35 artists are invited to imagine in an empty floorplan. Relationships between practices are built spatially in accordance to a schema of ‘rooms,’ “exploring the recesses of the psyche, the hallways of the mind.” 

In the TV room, Katia Leonelli was invited to propose a video program featuring Swiss artists. To align with the curatorial vision of the rest of the exhibition, Katia suggested a selection of artists demonstrating both sculptural/installation practices and video practices. In other words, these are the artists she would have invited to participate in this show if logistical conditions had allowed. Paul Fritz, Clément Grimm, Nicolas Ponce, Clara Roumégoux, Virginie Sistek, and Lou-Anna Ulloa Del Rio express themselves in both space and image with formal intelligence and a sharpened aesthetic sense.

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