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Oct 27 - Nov 5, 2023
New York

PANOPTICON WPZSCH 10.27-11.05 ʍɣʌt̚ˑphʃːː

Pop Gun is pleased to present Panopticon, the debut exhibition of the arts collective WPZSCH (ʍɣʌt̚ˑphʃːː).

Panopticon will live forever. Every second of the exhibition will be subject to scrupulous documentation. No corner of the room, no angle, and no perspective shall be excluded. All interactions in the presence of Panopticon shall be recorded: laughter and tears, triumph and defeat, good and evil. Embarrassment, boredom, cruelty and stupidity. The whole of life and death, preserved eternally.

All documentation will be immediately distributed for public judgement. A vast and unseen network of servers will preserve all documentation for posterity, subject to further public judgement at any future date. If you should regret your conduct, your only recourse will be defense in numbers: that within the great expanses of eternal memory your own will lie unnoticed, shielded by indifference or proximity to a greater sin.

The panopticon itself is something transient. It is the sole subject out of the reach of its immortal eye. Within the vast and all-seeing reach of eternal memory, the observer alone remains conspicuously absent.

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