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On Photogrpahy


Feb 2 - 11, 2024
New York

Opens Friday 6am.
Since 1966 Mujahid keeps the shop open and in 2016 has expanded to international card postage. The idea for the postal card originated in Germany in 1865. It was the Austrian government, however, that on October 1, 1869, issued the first postal card. The history of the postcard shop. The owner of the post card shop Mujahid first bought the rent stabilized post card window shop using three credit cards which they later realized when they had to vacate him thus leaving us the postcard racks. During the advent of the financial crisis Mujahid used to watch the window of the post card shop every morning past eleven thirty he would leave his coffee cup on the window sill and there would always be a ring on the window and that’s how everyone knew the

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